Birth Control: Pros and Cons of Hormonal Methods

The chances of getting pregnant may prevent you from enjoying your relationship. Thanks to constant research, now there are multiple birth control methods available for both the genders. The effectiveness of these methods may vary slightly. Condoms are used as a barrier method to prevent the fertilization of the egg. There are surely risks with condoms. This is the reason why couples prefer birth control pills over condoms. Here we have shared the different kinds of birth control pills that work effectively to reduce the chances of pregnancy. We have also listed out the pros and cons of each of these methods to help you decide better.

Combination Birth Control Pills

Combination Birth Control Pills are a pack of pills that include oestrogen as well as progestin (resembling human hormone progesterone). The pills must be consumed regularly in order to prevent pregnancy. The pack contains some placebo pills too for certain hormone free days in the month. 

The benefits of using combination pills for birth control are as follows:

  • Unlike use of condoms where the foreplay is interrupted, the use of birth control pills allows uninterrupted lovemaking.
  • The use of birth control pills reduces menstrual bleeding and may even stop it completely for some women.
  • Birth control pills also help to reduce the pain during ovulation experienced by some women.
  • Women have also revealed lowered occurrence of acne with the use of the birth control pills.
  • The method is also said to reduce the chances of ovarian cysts in women.
  • The birth control pills are also said to reduce the chances of ectopic pregnancy and pelvic inflammatory diseases in women.
  • The birth control pills can also be used effectively after an abortion.

Some drawbacks of using combination birth control tablets are as follows:

  • You must remember to use the combination birth control pills regularly without fail.
  • The birth control pills do not protect in any way against the different sexually transmitted diseases.
  • The use of the combination birth control pills may cause a delay in regularising of the cycles when you cease to use these pills.

Progestin Only Birth Control Pills

Another kind of birth control pill used by women is the progestin-only birth control pill. This pill does not contain any oestrogen. The pill needs to be used daily and all the tablets in the pack contain hormones. The benefits associated with the use of progestin only pills are as follows:

  • This birth control method is also useful for women who are allergic to or cannot use oestrogen.
  • The pill can help to reduce or completely stop menstrual bleeding.
  • You can enjoy uninterrupted lovemaking when you use this method of birth control.
  • Since the medicine helps to reduce bleeding during periods, it also reduces the risk of anemia in women.
  • The medicine may also be effective in reducing menstrual cramps.
  • The medicine may work to reduce the occurrence of acne.
  • The progestin only tablets can be used by women older than 35 years of age and who smoke.

While there are multiple benefits associated with this method, there are also certain drawbacks. Here we have listed these out for you:

  • Women who have gestational diabetes during pregnancy may have a higher chance of developing diabetes by using this method.
  • It is important to have this birth control pill at the same time each day to get maximum benefit.
  • Progestin-only pills may cause irregular periods and occasional spotting.
  • Progestin only pills may not be as effective as the combination pills in avoiding pregnancy.

Emergency Birth Control Pills

As the name rightly suggests, emergency contraceptive pills should only be used in emergency situations where you have skipped the protection while intercourse. This may also be used when the method of protection used failed. These medicines should be consumed within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. The benefit associated with this method is that it helps in a safe termination of probable pregnancy right at your home.

The drawback associated with this method is that it needs to be used within 72 hours to get the desired benefit. You may use a pregnancy test to confirm the absence of pregnancy in order to be doubly sure.

There are so many great ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy for all the ladies. The effectiveness and expense of each of these methods vary. You must select the method that suits you best. You can decide the best birth control pill and then visit the Local Med Store. Add the chosen medicine to your cart and make the payment. You can make the payment using card, cash, net banking or banking wallets. Choose express delivery if you wish to have the delivery sooner. Track your order for its progress after you place the order. Recheck the address for delivery before placing the order. This will prevent any delays due to mistakes in the chosen address.

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