Benefits of Volumetric Concrete

Using volumetric concrete can be beneficial for several reasons. For starters, it guarantees the right amount of concrete for any given job. There’s no chance of ordering too much or too little, and each component is stored separately to meet the specifications of the specific job. Furthermore, the components of Volumetric Concrete North London can be tweaked to match the specific requirements of a given job. Consequently, they’re perfect for any type of construction project, from foundations to patios.

What Is Volumetric Concrete?

If one is looking to build a house, one may be wondering: What is volumetric concrete? This versatile material is a popular choice for domestic uses. Among its many uses are foundations, driveways, shed bases, and basement foundations. Additionally, it’s an attractive alternative to traditional concrete, with many of the same benefits. Here are some of the benefits of Volumetric Concrete North London. Weighing in at only a fraction of the weight of traditional concrete, volumetric concrete can make one’s home’s foundations much stronger.

Unlike traditional concrete, Volumetric Concrete North London trucks are fully-equipped with all the ingredients required for a concrete pour. They are portable batch plants, containing all of the raw materials needed to create the concrete. Once on-site Volumetric Concrete North London trucks pump out the concrete to the desired location. A computerized volumetric mixer displays the amount of concrete used, allowing one to estimate the cost. Unlike conventional concrete, volumetric concrete lorries can store up to 10 meters of concrete at a time, meaning no wastage occurs. In addition, volumetric concrete lorries can mix two kinds of concrete and two different water consistencies.

How Does Volumetric Concrete Work?

Volumetric Concrete North London mixers, also known as mobile concrete mixers, are mounted on trucks and can transport raw materials to a construction site. They can quickly and precisely mix materials at the site and change the design of a mix while on site.

Compared to ready-mix concrete, Volumetric Concrete North London is more versatile. It can be mixed on-site and is typically used on larger construction projects. The truck is capable of delivering up to 10m3, and it is easy to adjust the mix to meet the project’s exact specifications. Volumetric concrete is also more affordable than ready-mixed concrete, which has a limited capacity. With its larger truck capacity, volumetric concrete is ideal for large-scale construction projects.

Benefits Of Volumetric Concrete

When mixing concrete, Volumetric Concrete North London is easier to control because the ratio between water and concrete is determined by weight and volume. This allows for perfect balance with margins of error of less than 1%. Another benefit of volumetric concrete is its ability to achieve high-quality standards. The process of mixing volumetric concrete can be done on-site, which is beneficial for construction companies. This process is also beneficial to the environment, as volumetric concrete uses fewer fossil fuels.

With Volumetric Concrete North London, one can easily adjust the concrete mix design on-site to meet the specific specifications of one’s job. Because it stores the components separately until batching, volumetric concrete is the preferred choice for construction projects. It also helps to reduce the need for returning unused concrete to a batching plant. A volumetric concrete truck can store ten meters of concrete, which is the largest of its kind. Volumetric trucks are also more affordable than conventional ones.